Making The Dance: Dubstep Printer Jam

Here to talk about a fun routine that was way overdue for a solo video: Dubstep Printer Jam!

During a time when dubstep was not (yet) commercially known throughout the world, I was searching for as many dubstep tracks I can find. I somehow stumbled upon this treasure, Printer Jam, which is a dubstep remix [by Barbarix] of the drum-and-bass version [by Mistabishi]. I really enjoy dancing to tracks like this because they deliver tons of random and unique sounds coming in at random times throughout. So Printer Jam was a perfect track for my solo performance!

I have used Printer Jam as my solo performance track for a few shows with my crew, RemoteKontrol. The performance is definitely a crowd-pleaser when you know the song well enough to not only catch all the sounds but also figure out creative ways to show how you would hit each of those sounds. For example, there’s a part in the track where you hear the words “Try unplugging it” before malfunctioning-like sounds immediately play though for only a short period. During that malfunction, I twitch my head in a direction different from my initial direction and then revert back to my original position to set up for the following words: “and plugging it again.” It’s simple, yet effective! Although I do like using this track when performing with RemoteKontrol, I felt it was time to perform to the track outside of the gold suit.

Fun Fact: I decided to add the intro to the original version before the remixed version. I thought it would look cool to move to random printer sound effects as the appetizer before I get into the main course! (LOL)

I wanted the concept to match with the name of the track, so an office is the ideal location for my dance video. It would take some time to find an office where I would be given permission to setup and shoot the video, so I decided to shoot right outside of an office-like location. The best part of this little journey is finding a location where I wouldn’t have to deal with security or the police (#DanceLifeProblems). I was fortunate to discover a place with no one around to stop me. Part one of my plan was completed.

As for dress code, the obvious choice was business casual. I wanted to dress like I was at the office for work or attending an interview. No other look would work well for this video… well, there’s also an outfit worn by a maintenance worker. But business casual was what I decided, so let’s move on!

The best part about performing without a mask is being able to express “talking” to your audience. For example, I mouth out “Printer Jam” right before the drop. The audience gets a kick out of it! Again, simple yet effective! So being able to show off my beautiful face brings more to the performance.

The icing on the cake was the flip phone, which was actually my girlfriend’s. She let me use it to add that final touch to the dance video. During the scene, I acted like it was time to head back to work. This worked well as a way to leave the shot while the track continues playing. I still have that cellphone actually, so I can use it for live performances in the near future. I guess a smartphone can work as well, but I feel there are more possible and effective ways of using a flip phone during a live performance.

The original footage had some lighting issues. I didn’t expect to see any lighting problems until I went into the editing process. I had to turn down the brightness and other adjustments so the final product will look viewable for the viewers viewing this.

So that’s pretty much all I have for Dubstep Printer Jam. It’s definitely one of my favorite routines that I enjoy performing live!


You can check out the video here:

What I’m Recommending: One-Punch Man

Picture a hero who is considered the strongest in the world… but is unsatisfied due to not yet finding a worthy opponent.

The story follows the man named Saitama, a hero who, after years of intense training that lead to his loss of hair, became so overwhelmingly powerful that a single punch would defeat monsters or villains. Those who claim to have gained ultimate strength or look impossible to be defeated… are easily wiped out by this guy’s punch alone. Despite defeating many strong and giant monsters throughout his adventures, Saitama still struggles to gain the respect he deserves from the public, who doesn’t find him as a hero due to his plain physical appearance and, instead, sees him as a “counterfeit hero.”

What I find really funny about this story is that this guy is already invincible, and we’re convinced that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who goes up against him will eventually become just another subject of obliteration. At first look, you wouldn’t find him to be such a powerful hero, but when he shows what he can do… well, let’s just hope you’re not the one receiving that punch of his. In shows like “Dragon Ball Z,” you’re experiencing the hero becoming more powerful episode after episode, going from becoming no match for the current supervillain to having enough strength to defeat the evil. Here… Saitama is already INSANELY POWERFUL!! Anyone is BY DEFAULT no match against him! So basically, monster or supervillain comes in and shows and/or explains how crazy powerful he or she is. One single punch from the protagonist, and that monster dead! And I’m not just talking about simply falling to the ground in defeat. For many, a single punch is equivalent to a C-4 explosive stuffed inside the victim… COMPLETE OBLITERATION!! So at this point, he doesn’t need any more training; what he really needs is a worthy adversary.

So the good news for City Z, the metropolis where strange creatures appear and cause destruction throughout, is that any evil will be easily handled by this man alone. It’s unfortunate for the protagonist that the majority of its dwellers don’t find him to be the hero for which most call out. And that bald head of his doesn’t help convince the public that he’s the hero the city needs. Hopefully, more and more will find him to be the solution to justice. But until then, he’s just a plain, bald-headed dude wearing a cape.

So in case you ever have any time to check out an anime or manga, be sure to check out “One-Punch Man” for some action comedy… or “actmedy” for many… and by many, I mean just myself, who obviously made this up and probably shouldn’t use this again.

Making The Dance: Meet Mr. Skella-Bot

One day, I decided to venture out to the local mall to see what outfits each store had to offer. At one store, I stumbled upon this dark-colored denim jacket that I thought would look nice for me and can be of use for future video projects. Then, at another store, I found a skull mask, and that created the idea of a dancing robot skeleton. All that was left was a pair of gloves and socks imprinted with skeleton bones.. and the Mr. Skella-Bot costume was complete!!

So in the spirit of Halloween, the video needed to be shot at night, but good lighting is hard to find, especially with the dark clothing I was wearing. I tried looking for a good portable work light at the store, but all the “portable” ones required an outlet. My first assumption was that portable meant that you can use it anywhere. But in this case, portable meant that you can use it anywhere as long as there’s an outlet nearby. The option to purchase a cordless work light online was available, but Halloween would have ended by the time I receive the package. One option, which eventually became the solution, I had in mind was to use my car lights. “Well, if it’s a stupid idea but it works, then it’s not a stupid idea,” said the girlfriend. So yes… My main source of lighting for this video was my own car lights at full brightness. This explains all that bright lighting hovering around the mid area throughout the video.

The song used in this video (“Pain & Pleasure” by Koronis) was something I found last year AND before last Halloween. I didn’t have time to think up a costume, let alone a location to set up the shot and capture the dance. But the song just sounded so perfect for this time of year! So I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity this year.

How did I set up the shot? Well… it was quite difficult working alone at night with your car lights as your main source and your gloves making operating your touchscreen phone not any better! Not to mention setting up the spot at where I need to be placed to be seen clearly by the camera. I couldn’t make my starting location obvious by setting up a bright marker because it would look out of place in the shot. My best option would be to pick a leaf on the ground and stick with it. The problem was finding that leaf in the dark without using my phone, which was what I used to play the track. And yes, I could have played the song through my car stereo, but I was trying to avoid blasting loud music throughout the neighborhood.

So after finally recording a good shot, the time to edit the video has commenced! I thought it would look cool to add a glitch effect as the main reveal of my character. At first, the camera was only picking up an dark area with the wet asphalt covered in the warm leaves of autumn and the surroundings conquered by nature’s own bushes and trees.. But then like, the carmera does this glitchy thing and this dude appeared and I was like “Wooaaahhh!” Yeah, that’s pretty much the idea with which I stuck throughout the editing process.

Mr. Skella-Bot is a character I initially created for Halloween… but I may use this for future works!


You can check out the video here:

Making The Dance: Bohemian Rhapsody

2015-10-20 20.16.54

… So two years later, I finally will be able to release a dance video to one of Queen’s classics: “Bohemian Rhapsody”

I performed LIVE to this track not too long ago, and it was well-received! I was indeed nervous because i wanted to make sure everything is correct when performing to a classic such as this. Correctly acting out all the lyrics through dance was quite the challenge! Not to mention the track is close to 6 minutes in length. But knowing that the audience enjoyed my interpretive dance to the track gave me the confidence to shoot a video to it!

Shooting the video is a bit nerve-racking… but exciting at the same time! It is, of course, something I wanted to try out for a long time. Something fresh… Something challenging… Something magical! (Lol) I’m a freestyle dancer, so it’s difficult choreographing a solo routine to a 6-minute track. But the journey was worth it, and I’m excited to unleash the epicness!! ^_^


You can check out the video here:


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